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Unique Natural Products, how it all started.


We started our business, Unique Natural Products, in 2009 with the aim of developing a hemorrhoid treatment that would provide gentle relief to sufferers of piles with a natural remedy that really works.

But the story really began several years previous to that when Lisa suffered very badly with hemorrhoids, around the time she was pregnant with our first child. As most people are aware, hemorrhoids are a nasty and painful condition and are often associated with pregnancy.

Lisa tried many over-the-counter creams and suppositories but nothing seemed to work. In fact, a good proportion of them even made the condition worse. Lisa had no other option but to turn to her doctor for help. This was not only embarrassing but disappointing, especially as the doctor advised that there was nothing that he could recommend that she had not already tried.

We also discovered that most of the over-the-counter remedies were not to be used during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding, which was no good to Lisa.

Another option, of course, was to have the hemorrhoids surgically removed. Again however this was an option that had to wait until our baby had been born. It was also an option that would have been very embarrassing for Lisa with no guarantee that the hemorrhoids would disappear and not return. Most of our customers who have had surgery to remove their hemorrhoids tell us that they came back within 6 months.

So, in desperation, Mark decided to research suitable and safe ingredients, with known healing and soothing qualities, and formulate a simple all-natural remedy himself to help his suffering wife get some form of relief during her pregnancy.

Mark developed an oil-based hemorrhoid treatment that was an instant success. Within a few days, Lisa’s hemorrhoids had completely disappeared, the itching and soreness had vanished and for once she could get some well-deserved relief from a horrible and nasty condition.

Although piles aren’t usually something people shout about and tell their friends and family about, we wanted people to know about oir new ‘miracle oil.

After some of our family, friends and friends-of-friends had tried the oil with similar results to Lisa, we wanted to spread the word even further and decided to try selling the oil online.

We opened an account on an online auction site and within a few months had clocked-up over 100 positive feedback results, with some amazing comments from very happy customers.

Customers would contact us to tell them that our oil was helping put an end to years of suffering. Here’s just an example:

I have suffered with this complaint for over 45 years. I have had them cut, banded and tried every suppository and ointment on the market, but still they come back. I recently had a bad dose and tried your ointment. Instant relief and after 3 days they disappeared and no sign of returning. The affected area is better than it has been for years. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, it’s like a miracle!!!!!

We’re very proud to be able to say we’re actively helping people get relief from such an uncomfortable condition and to this day we still receive many personal “thank you” messages for developing our hemorrhoid treatment.

Sheen Bryam OBE Lisa Kelly promoting Hemorrhoid Treatment

[box title=”Lisa with Sheena Byrom OBE” color=”#8fb8ff”]Lisa pictured above with Sheena Bryom OBE at a midwives conference promoting Analcare.Sheena received an OBE for 35 years service as an NHS Midwife and is also a Sunday Times best-selling author with her her book ‘Catching Babies’. After we met Sheena, she Tweeted “Just met Mark and Lisa FANTASTIC product for mothers #natural #analcare lovely story”.[/box]

So why do we no longer sell our oil if it was so good?

Due to changes in EU regulations in 2011, we had to stop selling our hemorrhoid oil. These changes meant that small companies could not sell medicinal products unless they were prepared to pay millions of pounds for a license, which is something only the large pharmaceutical companies can afford. The new EU regulations have now classed herbal remedies as medicinal products and will now require a medicinal product authorisation.

Many traditional herbal remedies have now disappeared due to the new EU regulations, and some of these companies have been helping thousands of customers for many years and have now been forced to stop selling their wonderful natural products.

So, rather than giving up and walking away from a fantastic product, we decided to take our product to another level by replacing the hemorrhoid oil with our wonderful product called Anacare Cream, which is fully accepted as a cosmetic product, rather than a medical product.

Many of our customers loved the oil but most agreed that a cream would be easier to apply and more convenient to carry than a bottle. We took the opportunity to re-formulate the product and add more ingredients that would soothe, cool and moisturise the anal area.

The results have been fantastic! When we asked previous oil customers to try the new cream, over 75% found it to be “effective” or “very effective” at soothing and cooling all anal irritations.

The cream even lasts longer than the oil, and many users report only having to apply it once for instant relief that lasts all day. Many say that a tube can easily last 2 to 3 months unlike the oil or similar products on the market. We personally manufacture Anacare ourselves in our new purpose-built lab. The product is manufactured in line with the recommended GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice). Our product has been granted approval by the MHRA as a cosmetic cream and has passed the relevant safety assessments needed.

So if you have enjoyed reading about our story, then we are sure you will love our wonderful (sometimes even called a miracle cream) anal itching product called Anacare.

Thanks for reading,

Lisa and Mark Kelly